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I have a background in environmental sciences and scientific photography. I love the outdoors, traveling and hiking. When I am out there taking pictures, photography makes me focus on all the beautiful things that exist - in the tiny detail or the grand landscapes. I'd like to capture some of this beauty and share it and maybe it can even help us as a society to better understand and appreciate the environment we live in.

My work looks to create an interpretation of and connection to nature. I have produced a body of work in landscape photography and photo composites in a fully digital workflow. My images express the mood and character of the landscape and are shaped by my vision. My images are not documentaries but expressions of my sense of the environment. This becomes particularly clear with my composite work where I combine my own images, satellite imagery and textures to create entirely new worlds.

"When you go out there, you don't get away from it all. You get back to it all. You come home to what's important." – Peter Dombrovskis (1945–1996)

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