is part of a joint exhibition with my partner Manuel Pfeiffer, shown at the M16 Artspace in Griffith, Canberra in 2020.

The two of us set out on a journey around Australia with the aim to experience and bring back some impressions of the incredibly diverse landscapes and capture some of the many facets of this magnificent continent. Being connected to nature is important. Being surrounded by beautiful thought-provoking, stimulating pictures that pay tribute to our environment helps us reconnect with nature. At the core of the exhibition is a celebration of all these superb places and landscapes we had the privilege to enjoy.

My works investigate how landscape is defined by its colour palette and by geometric features. These are created by the life the land carries, by climate and earth movements. The perception of the landscape and reference system we use to understand it is dependent on our cultural background but is also deeply personal. My works are a play with colour, shape and perspective.

Our joint works can be seen here. Also part of the exhibition were 100 postcards, a series of photos taken along the journey. They can be found here.

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