These images were part of a group show themed 'surface' with the Link in Ginninderry, Canberra. They are two sets of three images 'On the Surface' and 'Surface, Space'

On the Surface - impact, energy exchange and response This series looks at the impact of humans on the earth surface. The earth surface has a big role in our climate and is where a lot of the vulnerability of the earth system will show. The first image shows the Tidbinbillas on a snow day as a backdrop and overlaid is Zebra ice that I was lucky enough to find and photograph in Namadgi National Park. In the second panel, I still show the Tidbinbillas and Zebra Ice but the colours are much warmer and I have added some streaks and flares from fires. The third panel shows burned areas of Namadgi National park and the bare trees within. With continuing inaction on climate change, I was not too sure how to name this image and left it open for everyone's interpretation.

Surface, Space - information, communication and chatter: an exploration and abstraction. We survey and observe the earth surface from space. We communicate the information gathered through space. There is a continuous flow of information. Communication and chatter fill our surroundings even in the most remote of locations. Sometimes we know who is talking to whom and sometimes less so. This series of works uses Google Earth imagery, parts of circuit boards (Unsplash, Mathew Schwartz), mobile phone motherboard and a picture of a hive honeycomb (Unsplash, Stanislav Kondratiev) to create digital composite imagery.

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